The new Run-Fast Retail store is almost here…

As a lot of you know (and have been waiting a long time for) we are currently putting the finishing touches to our new central London Store.

Finishing touches
Finishing touches

We are very grateful for the feedback provided by everyone who took part in our recent survey (kit competition winner to be announced soon) and have taken lots of your comments and suggestions on board.

Who would live in a cube like this?
Who would live in a cube like this?

Sadly we still can’t share as much about the store as we would like (it is VERY exciting) so we thought we’d share a few photos with you instead.

er... two big discs!
er… two big discs!


What we can tell you is that, at 3,000 square feet, we will be London’s largest independent running store; as such we want to make sure that it ticks as many boxes as possible for what runners are looking for.

shining some light on the situation (sorry, will stop bad puns now)
shining some light on the situation (sorry, will stop the bad puns now)

If you’d like to hazard a guess as to what these pictures are then do pop your guesses in the comments box – you never know, you might win a little something*!


*This does not, of course apply to the picture of the hand or the light. They are clearly pictures of a hand and a light.

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