Steve in his Kinvaras

Saucony Kinvara 8 – Staff Review

We often joke that Steve is surgically attached to his adidas Adios Boost and that contact with other shoes might make him burst into flames. Thankfully, with his spring A-race in the bag and a bucket of sand on stand-by, this turned out not to be the case when he kindly tested and reviewed the Saucony Kinvara 8.

The Kinvara is a lightweight, low profile shoe that’s at equally home logging daily miles as it is tearing up a tempo session. In this eighth edition, Saucony have revamped the upper to make it lighter and more breathable. The addition of the EVERUN topsole construction is intended to enhance comfort while giving the Kinvara 8 a lively and responsive feel.

Here’s how Steve has been getting on.

Saucony Kinvara 8

Over the last few weeks I have been running in the new Saucony Kinvara 8. It’s taken me a little while to start wearing them because I was training for the Boston Marathon in my Adidas Adios and didn’t want to risk changing things up and pick up a niggle/injury. I have now recovered from Boston and I’m starting to bank miles ahead of the OCC at the end of August. Perfect opportunity to try some new shoes.


Steve in his Saucony Kinvara 8
Steve in his Kinvaras for a cheeky #stanceoff

First impressions

I am always a little apprehensive before I try a new running shoe. I tend to pre-judge and think they won’t be as comfortable as the Adios and I won’t enjoy my run as much. However, whenever a new lightweight/racing shoe goes up on The Running Works footwear wall I am always keen to see what they’re like.

On first impressions I liked the look of the Kinvara 8. It has a good amount of cushioning through the midsole and a lot of padding around the heel. Despite its bulky appearance, the Kinvara weighs just 224g. This is good for speedsters not wanting to carry any extra weight when racing. The shoes felt very comfortable when I first tried them on. The heel was cupped nicely, the upper is soft and the toe box is spacious allowing my toes to splay. They’re roomier at the front than the Adios, however the internal strap system means that I always feel locked in.

I’ve worn the Kinvara 8 on run commutes after a track or hill session and appreciated the EVERUN Topsole Construction. It enhances energy return and provides great cushioning, which is a bonus for tired legs.


EVERUN topsole construction explained in a diagram
EVERUN topsole construction explained


I have grown to like the Kinvaras a lot, they’re a really versatile shoe. They’re light so great for speed and track sessions with a good amount of cushioning perfect for banking miles in. The heel to drop is 4mm so they promote landing more on the midfoot/forefoot. The outsole is highly flexible for greater ground contact and freedom of movement.

The Kinvara 8 is a wider fit in comparison to the Adios. It has also taken a little while to get used to having a larger midsole underfoot. I’ve found them really comfortable and will continue to use them for speed work and long runs.

Thanks Steve! For more information on the Saucony Kinvara 8 head over to our website and check out the tech spec. Alternatively, why not pop in to the shop and give a pair a blast on our treadmill?

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