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Staff Review – On Cloudsurfer

Run-Fast’s marketing assistant Hannah Walker recently took the leap into her first pair of shoes by innovative Swiss brand On. Outside Run-Fast Hannah is an accomplished athlete who has represented GB in cross country and track events. At the time of writing she is also the all time female record holder for parkrun.

If there’s someone who knows running shoes, it’s Hannah.


“I was both excited and apprehensive when I first tried my new Cloudsurfers. Whilst I really like the unique design of these trainers, I was a little concerned that they may feel weird to run in. However they felt completely natural and just gave me that little extra bounce making me feel I was propelling myself forward with more ease than normal.

A relatively light shoe, my feet still felt well supported and perfectly cushioned. They are also specifically designed to improve running form and reduce injury, which is always encouraging.

I am now converted to the ‘On’ brand and would recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a good all-round trainer that gives a little something extra!”

Available for both men and women, the On range utilise a unique technology in the sole, a formation of rubber lugs called Clouds.


Four larger Clouds at the back of the Cloudsurfer ensure that your foot lands with a more economical centre of gravity, dissipating the force of your landing. As the foot rolls forward the speedboard is activated, propelling you forward for a super-fast toe off.

On shoes have become an industry hit, garnering many awards including winner of the prestigious ‘Best Debut’ category at the 2014 Runner’s World Awards.

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