Like the wind running magazine

Staff Review – Like the Wind Magazine

Running Works team member and avid runner Mary Armitage bought issue three of Like the Wind magazine to take on a running holiday. Here’s her review:

Like the wind running magazine

The first things you notice when you pick up a copy of Like the Wind are the stunning photos and funky graphics, followed by the sheer variety of the articles (and the classy smell of the pages). You can really get stuck into the inspirational, funny, sometimes crazy and often thought-provoking articles.

Stories have been submitted by all types of runner, some famous but many like you and I, with tales about running through blizzards and thunderstorms, car parks and cemeteries, away from angry football fans or from one’s own demons. There are tributes to old school teachers as well as homages to athletics legends such as Chris Brasher, Roger Bannister, Dave ‘Bootsie’ Bedford and Yuki Kawauchi.

Like the Wind magazine reminds us of why we run and how we are all connected through running to the landscape around us, particularly when reading the adventures of the ultra-runners like Emelie Forsberg, Lizzie Hawker, Kilian Jornet and Robbie Britton. Issue 3 proved to be a brilliant choice to take with me on my recent running holiday and was a perfect gift to pop in the Christmas stockings of my runner friends.

Can’t wait for issue 4 to come out…

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