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Adidas Supernova Sequence 7: Staff Review

Running Works team member Nikki bought herself a new pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence 7 and took them for a spin over the weekend. Here’s how she got on with them: 

I started working for Run-Fast in 2013 at the same time that Adidas released their new midsole tech: Boost. The official description from Adidas is:

“Boost features thousands of visible energy capsules that store and unleash endless energy every time your foot hits the ground.”

I was keen to give the shoes a try and see what all the fuss is about. I have fairly wide feet have never been able to wear slim-fitting Adidas shoes. The Energy Boost and Adistar Boost were also too narrow for me and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve had Boost envy ever since.

Until recently.

The Supernova Sequence 7 Boost was released in the Autumn / Winter 2014 Adidas collection. I was excited to learn that it would have a wider toe box than previous versions of the shoe and would be true to size. In the store we tend to lean half a size bigger when fitting Adidas shoes.

I’ve run in the Cloudsurfer from On very happily for two years. I put myself in the capable hands of my colleagues for a fresh gait analysis before buying the Sequence Boost. I’m a fairly neutral runner but wanted a shoe I could rely on for longer runs as my form tends to drop when I’m tired. The Sequence features moderate support but not so much that it would give me problems down the line. Mary and James both watched me on the treadmill and agreed that the Sequence 7 was a suitable option for me. The shoes felt very comfortable but I was concerned that I couldn’t feel the energy boost that the sole is supposed to provide.

The next morning I laced up my new kicks for a short run to get a feel for them. During my warm up I was impressed with the fit. There was plenty of room for my toes to move and a nice bit of arch support. The fabric used on the upper is nice and stretchy and the heel counter is secure but not tight.

As I picked up the pace the shoes came into their own and I could really feel the Boost technology doing its thing. Landing is lovely and cushioned without being too soft. As you toe off you can feel the shoe propelling you forwards which felt great. The Boost tech in the sole is complimented with a layer of Continental rubber, the same stuff used in car tyres. I was able to put this to the test as it was tipping down. The grip was great and I felt sure-footed and secure on the canal banks.

I tried to concentrate on how the shoes felt in order to write about my experience in them but then I simply forgot about them. In my opinion that is a good sign that a shoe is right for you. You shouldn’t be constantly aware of your shoes. They should be comfortable to the point that you can just get on and enjoy your run (which I did so much that I ended up doing an 8 miler when I’d only intended to do about 5). Although they are a higher heel / toe drop than my Cloudsurfers it wasn’t noticeable and I felt no ill effects in my legs the next day.

I think these are a great every day running shoe and will be alternating them with my Cloudsurfers. I would be honest if I had any constructive feedback about them but they worked our great for me.

Settling in to their new home.

Edit: I went on to run over 300 miles in the Supernova Sequence 7. The only reason I stopped wearing them is that one got sucked off of my foot during a heavy downpour in Epping Forest. The mud was more than ankle deep and, sadly, the shoes couldn’t be saved.




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