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AW13 women's adidas Boost

The adidas Adistar Boost was released earlier this year and both curiosity and demand were high.

Initial reviews of the shoe were great and, to paraphrase the old advert, you could get it in any colour… as long as it was black.

Fresh for their AW13 collection adidas has released a new raft of colours and our staff were a tad excited when these beauties arrived in this rather eye catching hot pink (fuchsia and silver to be precise).

The new men’s version, which are blue, will be arriving very soon.

Run-Fast staff review of the adidas Adistar Boost:

“After all the hype and marketing adidas have put into the new Boost technology I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair. First impressions were great, they felt like slippers, very comfortable although I was a little worried at how soft the cushioning felt.

During my first run in the adistar Boost I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive they are, you can really feel that they are giving you something back.

I have probably run well over 100 miles in them now and they still feel as good as new.

The only downside is that, at present, they are only available in a neutral version. If you need a firmer ride or require some level of guidance then I would recommend the adidas Adizero Tempo as they have firmer cushioning and a small bit of stability.

All in all a good cushioned mileage shoe, great for the neutral runner.”

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