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Give the gift of happy feet this Christmas

The festive season is upon us once again and (for another year) I face the eternal war with friends and family who do not run. It goes something like this:

“What would you like for Christmas?”
“Some running kit would be AWESOME please.”
“No, I’m not buying you running kit. You’ve got too much already.”
“I could really use some new running socks.”
“What do you need running socks for? You’ve got plenty of regular socks!”

What they don’t understand is that, although some people find receiving socks boring, you won’t let a runner down with a fresh pair of technical running socks.

Chris Evans from Fit Brands is well placed to explain the merits of this often overlooked piece of kit:

“What are technical running socks?”

“Surely my running shoes have all the technology I need?”

These questions (and many alike) are often posed to staff members in store when the subject of sporting hosiery is raised.  For many, socks for running are all too often an afterthought, playing second fiddle to the purchase of a pair of trainers.

Buying the correct running shoe for your foot strike is undoubtedly important. Consideration should also be given to the nature of the socks worn with them.  It’s the socks that ultimately sit directly in contact with your feet after all, and their thickness will also affect the fit of your shoe.

But why invest in a ‘technical’ pair?

Most of us can probably recall a time when we engaged in moderate to heavy exercise wearing a cotton t-shirt (stay with me).  What happened?  The top became sodden with sweat, absorbing the moisture like a wet towel against the body.  Imagine how this uncomfortable feeling is magnified wearing  regular cotton socks in the confines of a running shoe!  Aside from the squelchy feel, there are also considerable health implications from wearing a damp, misshapen cotton rag on your tootsies. You leave yourself open to bacterial build-up, friction sores, blistering…ouch.

Step forward the technical running sock!  Invariably made from a state-of-the-art synthetic fibre (Coolmax, Drynamix etc.) with strategic ventilation panels, it will transport or ‘wick’ moisture away from the feet, leaving you dry and comfortable even during the most rigorous workout.

Brands incorporate other great facets to promote healthy, happy feet.  Think anti-microbial fibres, stretch panels to aid arch and mid-foot support, seamless toes to prevent rubbing, and selective cushioning to give protection where needed without adding bulk.

Thanks Chris!

So whether it’s a stocking filler, Secret Santa gift or a cheeky present for yourself, rest assured that a pair of technical socks will raise more of a smile than a Lynx box-set or an ironing board cover.

Give the gift of happy feet.

The best seller – Balega

We stock two styles of Balega running socks, the Hidden Comfort and the Enduro. The Hidden Comfort style is potentially the most cushioned sock on the market and is a popular choice for runners covering longer distances. They feel plush around the foot, while providing good moisture management. The Enduro is slightly thinner and has a great balance of cushioning, compression and moisture-wicking properties.

I wear Balega socks because they are very comfortable, really soft but also durable. They’re made from breathable and sweat-wicking fabric and have hand finished seams. The Enduro style is the ankle length option and the Hidden Comfort are ‘no-show’ socks. Hidden Comfort also have a tab at the back to stop them slipping down into your shoe. Mary

The new kid in town – Stance

Stance socks are fairly new on the scene in the UK. They are making massive waves in the industry and look set to mimic their success in the US. Their socks combine funky designs with premium performance technology. They make a perfect gift for runners of all abilities and foot types.

I find Stance socks really comfortable. They are perfectly cushioned and they fit really nicely. They’re incredibly hard-wearing so just as comfortable whether you’re pounding the pavements or tearing up the trails. They look great too and come in variety of colours and lengths. Stance socks are perfect for runners who rock the head-to-toe look. Steve




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