Jess Thorpe: Conversation Pace

Up next in our Conversational Pace series is Jess Thorpe. As well as working at The Running Works, Jess is a full time athlete and the owner of officially the best biceps in the company.

Jess’s dedication to her training is awe inspiring and her year is going from strength to strength.

Jess Thorpe in action

Jess in action

Why did you start running?

I’ve always run. My dad used to be a runner so he was inspiration for me and my guide along the way.Now that I compete in triathlons and aquathlon I kind of have to run.

What distances have you raced over and do you have a favourite?

I’ve competed over 3k, 5k, and 10k. I prefer the 5k distance and love a good cross country race in the winter. During cross country season I race with the Serpentine Running Club.

If you could go back in time to when you started running and give yourself advice, what would it be?

Get a good pair of trainers and start slow but aim high. Ask for advice from people that have been there before and join a running club. Running clubs offer new social circle plus race advice and wisdom into the world of running.

What has been your biggest achievement in running?

My biggest achievement so far this year is becoming National Champion in Aquathlon this year (swim 1k / run 5k). I still have lots of events coming up, though.

Since writing Jess has also become AG National Open Water Swimming Champ over 1.5km distance – Ed. 

Jess topping the podium at the ASA open Water Championships 2015
Jess topping the podium at the ASA open Water Championships 2015
What’s the best / strangest thing you’ve ever discovered in a race goody bag?

The best thing was a free race rucksack. The worst was a packet of wet wipes!

What are your favourite running shoes and why?

I wear the Saucony Fastwitch when I’m racing and On Cloudcruisers for training.

And your favourite item of kit?

My favourite piece of kit would be theNike Pro shorts, I love them.

Do you use any mental techniques to get yourself through a tough race or training session?

Focus on the “A” race of the season and get through the pain. A gel helps!

What are your future goals / bucket list races?

My main focus is the World Aquathlon Championships in 2015! I might even consider the Marathon des Sables in the future…

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