Adizero Adios get the Boost treatment

adidas have incorporated their Boost technology into the classic and ever-popular adios adizero racing shoes.

There are a couple of technical changes; the toebox is slightly wider, the stitched overlays have been removed in favour of a seam-free Coolever mesh (could this be a tri-friendly Boost?) and the shoe is generally more flexible than the original adios adizero.

The Boost version of the adios adizero might take some getting used to for runners dedicated to the predecessor, however, it could be a good introduction to a quality racing shoe for those who had previously struggled with the firm, snug fit. This is still a very light, fast and responsive shoe.

The bright colours (blue ink / silver / infrared for men and purple / silver / red zest for women) do detract the eye somewhat from the polystyrene look of the sole, but don’t let the aesthetics fool you. There is a lot more to Boost than meets the eye.



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